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Time to Shine Preschool is a perfect blend of academics,Ice cream counting social behavior skills, creative learning and a fun environment. All the teachers are very caring and affectionate towards all the students. My son learned a lot in a short span of time. IT IS THE BEST. I would highly recommend.

-Sameer G., Morrisville, NC (as posted on Google)


My son loved Time to Shine Preschool! He learned so much in a very short time. The teachers are wonderful and very caring. Now my son loves school! I highly recommend!!

 -Ashley 0., Cary, NC (as posted on Google) 


When Ms. Brooke decided to start her own preschool, we were on board from the beginning!  Under Ms. Brooke's guidance, our daughter was able to recognize and pronounce the phonetic sounds of every letter of the alphabet while in the 3's class.  She can also write her name in capital and lower case letters, and recite her months of the year and days of the week easily.  Ms. Brooke does a wonderful job of blending learning with fun in a way that the children really respond well to.

-Natalie S., Apex, NC


My daughter loves Time to Shine Preschool! She's so exited to go to class and
always anxious to talk about what she learned when she gets back home. I love
the perfect mix of academics, hands-on learning, creative time and life skills,
all packed into something that's just so fun for the kids! We adore the teachers
and the curriculum is perfectly designed to meet each child's needs! I also
appreciate that it's affordable, and conveniently located too!

-Stephanie S., Apex, NC (as posted on Yelp)


My 5 year old daughter loves to go to the school each day and I love the personal attention they are getting. The teachers are full of of life. I like the curriculum as well. The weekly themes are announced at the beginning of the week, so we have a clear idea as to what is being taught in the school.

-Shruti G., Cary, NC (as posted on SavvySource)


We count this as the best thing we have ever done for our daughter. She is completing her year of pre k and we only wish we had enrolled her sooner. She attended art classes and pajama parties here and loved it, but is thriving in the five day half day academic program. Our extended family members are wowed by the amount of math, writing, and reading she is doing. The structure is amazing and the days are so fun. The owner, Brooke, and teachers are among the best women I have ever met. They are kind, compassionate, fun loving, and devoted to these kids.  My daughter loves learning, she loves the teachers, she has made great friends and the other parents are wonderful. There is a monthly show and a monthly parents night out. Time to shine is a wonderful place. If it had private kindergarten, we would leave her there longer! It is worth it for kindergarten readiness and more... Make this choice for your child and you will be so pleased.

-Liz W., Apex, NC (as posted on Yelp)


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