2017/2018 SCHOOL YEAR:

Pre-k school day is 9:25am-12:40pm.

Threes school day is 9:15am-12:30pm.

The 2017-2018 school year will begin Wednesday, August 9, 2017.


Our school year runs from the second week of August through the third week of June, with the week of Thanksgiving off for Fall Break, two weeks off for Christmas Break, and the same week as traditional calendar Wake County Public Schools for Spring Break.

We also offer summer camps during our six-week Summer Break.  More information on our summer camps can be found here


Each school day at Time to Shine is packed with fun and learning.  Most of our activities involve having our pre-k and threes students together.  We believe this provides the students with opportunities to strengthen their social skills through learning to interact with children of different ages, while building leadership skills and learning from each other.  A sample schedule of our school day is listed below:

Morning Work-all students together-Coloring/cutting/books/puzzles/name-writing practice

Circle Time-classes separate-Calendar, weather, student share

Story Time-all students together-Weekly theme discussion, story time with books about our theme

Music and Dancing-all students together-Spanish songs, songs that coordinate with our weekly theme, and high-action songs to dance to

Language Arts-classes separate-Handwriting/letter recognition/phonics/reading

Snack-all students together-Provided weekly by parents  (all snacks are peanut/tree nut free)

Math-classes separate-Handwriting/number recognition/counting/grouping/graphing/adding

Center time-Center groups are comprised of pre-k and threes students.  Centers include: a language arts & math center (separated by age and ability) where lead teachers are able to give individual attention to a few students at a time in order to better meet their personal academic needs, an art center led by our TA, a floor puzzle or game requiring teamwork, a tabletop building activity, and 3 free play centers to build social skills and encourage imaginative learning.

Science (once a week or daily depending on the week's theme)-all students together or in small groups during center time-Simple science lesson and/or science experiment associated with our weekly theme.  We will occasionally also have a science activity available for exploration during center time.

Lunch Bunch (pre-k only)-Only on Wednesdays.  Each child brings his/her own peanut/tree nut-free lunch to eat
at the tables with their classmates.  This is a fun preparation for kindergarten!

Show & Tell/Other Activity-classes separate-Students bring things from home to show their classmates.  When time allows we play games or do other fun activities associated with our weekly theme afterwards.


 Bottle painting